Heel Pain – The High Arched Foot

When a runner gets a series of nagging injuries one after the other, they are probably caused by a biomechanical flaw and can be corrected by orthotics. Runners who suffer from chronic knee pain, arch pain, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, hip and lower back pain and certain types of muscular fatigue very often benefit from orthotics. When we walk or run, our feet absorb most of the impact and shock. With high arches you have less surface area for absorbing impact and you place excessive pressure on your rearfoot and forefoot areas. This can make you susceptible to foot conditions such as heel pain, ball-of-foot pain or plantar fasciitis.

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Walking is indeed an enjoyable activity for a lot of people They get to stay healthy and fit without having to exert too much effort and energy. However, this does not mean that you should not invest on the right equipments while at it. In fact, it pays to buy and use the most comfortable walking shoes. When buying a pair, there are several factors that you will have to consider first to ensure that you are getting the right comfortable walking shoes Remember that your shoes are considered your walking partner or buddy so there is an imperative need for them to be the best one out there.

5)Lift your hips faster than your shoulders. Correct technique has the hips and shoulders moving together. If you have already straightened your legs before the bar has hardly left the floor, you need to drop the weight back and get your form on song. Failure to get this right could lead to serious back rounding with its associated problems. It would pay to have a spotter check out this aspect of your technique. can cause foot drop walking gait, foot bone abnormalities (eg high arches and hammer toes), problems with hand function, balance problems, occasional lower leg and forearm muscle cramping, and loss of some normal reflexes

High arches can cause a number of symptoms, ranging from mild to severe. Pain in the forefoot is a common occurrence due to increased weight bearing in this area. Excessive callus buildup at the ball of the foot behind the great toe as well as just behind the fifth toe is common, as these become high-pressure areas during standing and walking. Tightness in the calf muscles is often present, and the individual may also suffer from recurring ankle sprains due to the inwardly rolled ankles associated with the deformity. Misalignments of the ankle and foot can be caused by injuries, fractures, arthritis, and congenital or neurologic conditions, among other problems.

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High arched feet Having high-arched feet means your feet may not have the ability to absorb shocks that are brought about by too much strain on muscles and joints. To compensate on this, some of the most comfortable walking shoes for men and women offer better cushioning. After you have chosen according to your feet size and shape, you will then need to focus on the shoes’ ability to be really flexible. Walking involves certain movements of the feet and the shoes should be able move freely with it. Whether you are twisting or bending your feet at some points, the shoes should also flex as you walk.

A person with a cavus foot may also suffer from plantar fascitis and painful heel spur syndrome. Arthritis at the metatarsal cuneiform joints is common and often leads to chronic discomfort. The Achilles tendon is not spared in this pretty but problematic foot, and chronic, varied Achilles injury is common because the high inclination angle of the heel bone causes trauma to the Achilles with every step. Often a heel spur will develop at the attachment of the Achilles tendon into the calcaneous. These problems are difficult to successfully treat, and complications and chronic athletic disability is too often seen. This usually leads to muscle and tendon injury.

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A cavovarus foot deformity usually appears during childhood. The arch is very high and the heel slants inward. Both feet are often affected and the misalignment gradually worsens over time. Pain, calluses, ankle sprains and stress fractures are all common results of cavovarus foot deformity. The condition may be a sign of a neurological disorder or Charcot-Marie Tooth disease, both of which can affect the nerves and weaken the muscles of the feet. For more information about Cavus (High Arch) Feet or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Watson, click here to fill out our convenient contact form or call our office directly at one of our three locations